These 10 Crazy Facts Will Make You Think Why Didn’t You Know This Earlier!


These 10 Crazy Facts Will Make You Think Why Didn’t You Know This Earlier!, Everything we do is based on so many facts, aren’t they? Well, the fact maybe really logical or absolutely random. But, the ones that grab our undivided attention and makes us think that maybe we should’ve known this earlier is the crazy facts!

1. Pink Milk.

We all know what is the color of the milk, it’s white. But, what if I tell you that milk is available in pink color as well. Yes, I know crazy right! Hippopotamus’s milk is pink in color. The secretion is known as “blood sweat” makes it appear pink in color.

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2. Honey doesn’t have an expiry date.

This I definitely gotta tell my Ma! Honey, never expires, not in a year or three nor a hundred. It doesn’t ever change its color nor does it expires.

3. Immortals.

No, not the vampires, but a species of Jellyfish. “Turritopsis Nutricula”, is a species of jellyfish which is known to be biologically immortal. If injured or threatened it can go back to its early developmental stages and live all over again.

4. Swimming in the Blue whale’s heart.

Well, the blue whale’s heart is so so gigantic that you can actually take the arteries as canals and swim through it. Its heart beats about 8-10 times per minute and can be heard over two miles away.

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5. Eating like a Whale.

Though it has a gigantic heart, the throat is no bigger than a saucer. But, it has a real thing for drinking water during feeding time allowing massive gallons of water with every mouthful. But, during summer these whales can eat up to 4 tonnes of food per day, roughly that’s 40 million krill!

6. Ants weigh more than humans.

Yes, you didn’t misread it. There are 1.6 million ants per human on Earth. And combined they weigh more than them. These creatures may be little but they are older than the dinosaurs!

7. The one with three hearts.

If you’ve seen Finding Dory then you probably know this. Hank the octopus (and all other octopuses) had three hearts. so, yea, they can take a chance at heartbreak! No? okay, moving on then.

8. The proper place for the grave.

Feng Shui, the famous Chinese term, wasn’t always those little things found in a store. Well, it was an art choosing the right place for the grave. They believed that the right location is important to allow positive energy to flow from the deceased to his living family members.

9. Change your planet if you wanna be rich!

Okay, so, this is definitely crazy facts and one of the most important fact you’d want to know. It rains diamonds on Saturn and Jupiter. The high amount of crystal carbon present accompanied by thunderstorms results in raining diamonds!

10. Overpopulation alert!

We all know that bacteria are single-celled organisms. There are roughly 100 trillion microbes which make up approximately 90% of our body!

11. Something to soothe your eyes, or not.

Well, reading in the dim light or watching the computer in dark will not affect your eyesight. It will most likely tire your eyes more quickly and alter your sleep pattern.