10 Powerful Habits to Increase Your Intelligence


10 Powerful Habits to Increase Your Intelligence, To be healthy, we do not have to exercise only our body, also our brain; Spending a few minutes doing mental exercises can help you not only strengthen your reasoning but also have a better memory and even a calmer mind. Therefore, zeephy.com brings you 10 habits with which you can expand your brain and exercise your mind.

1. Observe

Seeing is not the same as observing. Observing involves analyzing what you see. By observing you will realize all the things you overlooked for a long time, since you never stopped to think that they were there. Absorb what surrounds you and do not stop imagining.

2. Learn

If you open your mind and never stop learning, your brain will get used to wanting to know more and will never stop that process. Learn from people who have a wider knowledge than you in certain areas, so not only will you receive from them, but in a feedback, you will support their learning.

3. Listen

By listening to what surrounds you-you also absorb a part of the world. If you go down the street, pay attention to what those people with whom you might never speak say, in order to learn how they think. You can also practice this habit by listening to new music.

4. Experiment

If you do not leave your comfort zone or start experimenting with new things, you may miss some part of the world that can bring something to your life or your mind. Look for courses in a field that you do not know but that catches your attention.

5. Expands

Never stay with your first acquired knowledge. Question things. Gradually your knowledge will grow and your brain will get used to not settle for a single piece of information.

6. Conversa

Learn from the people around you. Sharing the information that you have stored in your brain over the years with a person who has done the same, will make both express their ideas and develop new thoughts from the mix of their knowledge.

7. Exercise

Body and mind are a unit, if one is not in its optimal state, the other could pay the consequences. Take 20 minutes a day to perform different exercises to make your mind oxygenate.

8. Meditate

If you start to observe your mind and how it behaves and what you release when meditating, you can get to know yourself a little more. This resting point for your brain can be revealing, you can feel how your intellect relaxes.

9. Analyze possibilities

One fact has hundreds of possibilities. Do not stop at the first or the logical, play with your brain. Even if the results you thought are not met, you have “stored” in your brain a previous idea of ​​what you can find one day.

10. Play with your mind

There is nothing wrong with taking your mind to unlikely places. By creating a universe in your head where everything is possible, your brain is exercising, and even your sense of humor could have a very favorable change.

Part of the secret to the effectiveness of these methods is to implement them every day without tiring the brain, of course. Listen, observe, take advantage of the world in which you live.