10 Things That Everyone Should Know Before They Die


10 Things That Everyone Should Know Before They Die,because you don’t want to look back on your life with regret. Our society is concerned about the expiration date of food. Many times, products that can be consumed without any problem, are thrown away because the printing of the label says that they are already expired. But..

Honey never expires

Our society is concerned about the expiration date of food. Many times, products that can be consumed without any problem, are thrown away because the printing of the label says that they are already expired. But there is an ingredient, very old and completely natural, that has no expiration date. It is about honey. It is true that it can crystallize or change color over time, but it is always safe to consume it.

The first pillows were made of stone

When talking about a pillow, the first mental association that people have today is that of a soft and soft cushion on which to put the head at bedtime. But the first pillow arose in Mesopotamia, there the pillows, they were made of stone and had a slightly different use to the one we give today. Basically, they served to keep insects away from the mouth, nose and ears at bedtime.

Giraffes do not emit any sound

From the chick peep to the mystery of what the fox says, lately the Internet is very interested in the sounds of animals. Armed with more than 1000 hours of recordings from three European zoos, a team of Austrian researchers decided to solve the mystery of how giraffes communicate, something that until now had not been resolved. Through this study it was demonstrated that these animals do not emit any sound, that is, they are the only mammals that do not emit sounds.

The first alarm clocks

They were called “knocker up”, and their job was to wake the workers at dawn to arrive in time to the factories, quarries and coal mines during the time of the Industrial Revolution in England and Ireland.


In the country of vodka, beer will no longer be considered a food product. Until now, anything that contained less than 10% alcohol in Russia was not considered an alcoholic beverage as such, but the increase in beer consumption has forced the intervention of the laws. During the last decade, its sales have increased more than 40%, while those of vodka have been reduced by almost 30%.

The largest bird in the world

Sometimes, when digging into the ground to build a building, you will find a fossil that can expand the horizons of what was known. This happened in 1983, when the workers who built the airport in Charleston, South Carolina, found a skull and several bones of the wing of a bird that lived 25 million years ago. The size of that creature should be between six and seven meters, that is, close to the double of the current bird with larger size.

The largest fungus in the world

The largest living organism in the world is a fungus, Armillaria ostayae, found in the Malheur National Forest in Oregon, United States. This organism, known as mushroom or honey mushroom, started from a single very small spore to reach 880 hectares, that is, about 1665 football fields. The Oregon monster, as it is sometimes called, has spread its rhizomorphic filaments throughout the forest for about 2400 years killing hundreds of trees.

YKK zippers

YKK is the largest and most respected developer, manufacturer and supplier of zippers, fasteners and accessories in all shapes, sizes and materials. This company was the first to put the zippers on the garments.

The Vatican

The Vatican collects the second largest treasure in gold in the world. The treasure in gold of the Vatican occupies the second position after the one of the United States. The riches of the Vatican are incalculable. There is no town without a church, or a city without a cathedral, or almost a mountain without a hermitage. According to a study conducted recently the Vatican has enough money to end global poverty, but not just once, you can end it twice.


Scorpions are the only animals that commit suicide, they do it once they can not escape from a dangerous situation … very rarely does another animal kill them. They are always the ones who end their lives.

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