15 Brides Who Lost Their Dignity Before The Honeymoon


15 Brides Who Lost Their Dignity Before The Honeymoon, Dince small most women, in addition to imagine the day of our wedding, we plan how it will be to detail. Of course when we do we think that everything will be perfect, and that when entering the ceremony the dress will make us look simply spectacular and beautiful.

But apparently that “most women” obviously does not mean ALL , because the brides that we are going to share here, or did not have a mirror or flat did not care at all their appearance.

Are you ready to laugh and be amazed at the same time? Well here we go …

Perhaps this woman has a strange fixation with the lamps and she could not hide it on the day of her wedding …

The most likely thing is that this woman feels that she is flying with her partner, and therefore her dress should have wings.

If any of you is about to marry a clown, you know what outfit you can love.

Of those times you do not know if you want to be the girlfriend or disguise yourself as Ursula, the witch of “The Little Mermaid” …

The good thing is that apparently for this man what really matters is love.

It is not very clear to us if in addition to his love he wanted to make clear some more ideology …

Surely this woman did not want to miss the opportunity that everyone at her wedding knew that, as Celia Cruz said: life is a carnival …

With this dress there is no doubt that the bride is burning.

We bet that this is one of the many women who think it is a waste to spend large amounts of money on a dress that they will not use again.

This girlfriend made sure that wearing a cake, she was the target of absolutely ALL eyes.

It is clear to us that this bride is very proud of her GREAT personality.

So, or more obvious the reason why this bride is married?

If you’re not sure that getting married is the best decision, you can always resort to wearing a dress that illuminates your path.

Weddings end up being so expensive, that there are those who do everything in their power to save money.

matter how hard we try, we can not find an explanation for this dress.

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