15 Passengers who tried their best to get lost in the crowd


15 Passengers who tried their best to get lost in the crowd, The metro is an interesting place. Only here we can find superheroes, villains and fantastic creatures that sit next to us.

Zeephy.com compiled the photos of those who will definitely be able to decorate a long trip on public transport.

#1.Bruce, I’m your father

#2.When you’re not sure where your train is going: to the center of the city or to hell

#3.When you were late at work, but you still have to prepare dinner

#4.It seems that this was not the entrance to the underground parking

#5.The subway is modern London and the passengers, Victorian era

#6.How many passengers do you see here?

#7.Apparently, a doctor is needed

#8.When you spend all day fulfilling the wishes, and you still do not have a car

#9.-Mom, my head hurts.
– It’s all for your computer!

#10.Do not wait for the seat to give you

#11. When you tried to run away from the Stormtroopers on a train instead of using an airplane

#12.Somewhere in Russia

#13.Food is sacred

#14.And nobody even turns to see the peacock

#15.When you are an introvert and you are required to travel on the subway daily