15 Photos That Aren’t What They Seem


15 Photos That Aren’t What They Seem,a Sometimes the best pictures come when you least expect. Favorable circumstances, a little humor and a creative approach are sometimes much more fantastic than Photoshop.

Zeephy.com shares with you a selection of photos taken at the exact time and in the exact place. Take a look and tell us how long it took you to understand the reality of each photograph.

This is what happens when you sleep badly for days

– Hey, you have something in your hair- What is it? – Your ex

If you look at the abyss for a long time, you will see how the abyss looks at you

When there is a lot of traffic in the city, you go to important events on your flying carpet

Other children grow up very fast!

When, without realizing it, you play like a girl

“I will continue walking calmly so that this seagull does not see me”

Modern architecture tides the head a bit

When you want to cheat the gravity

Who will win?

more you look at this picture, the more questions come up

This dog definitely went through the hands of some

A very dreamy human dog

He does not yet know how to flirt with girls but he has already learned to take divine

How much do you have a chihuahua stuck in your beard?

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