37 Rules Of Etiquette Of The 21st Century That Everyone Should Know


37 Rules Of etiquette Of The 21st Century That Everyone Should Know, the label is not a formality that comes from the time of dances and white wigs. They are unspoken rules that were created so that other people feel comfortable next to us.

Zeephy Buzz put together some modern rules of conduct that you might not know.

In Internet

#Do not make your friends and colleagues feel bad with a photo of a beach presuming the good weather you are doing. Better share a brief description of the place, whose photo you just upload.

#Do not talk on your friend’s wall or in the comments to their photos on topics that only concern both of them, for this there are private messages.

#Do not tag your friends in the photos where they went wrong.

#Do not use in your messages Caps Lock: it’s the same as shouting at your interlocutor.

#Do not saturate your messages with hashtags if you do not want your posts to look very chaotic.

#Do not upload more than three photos a day to Instagram. If, for example, you went on a trip, it goes up 5-6 a day.

#If you send someone a friend request, send a message explaining who you are and why you add it.

#Food photos have already become a mockery on social networks because, in general, it is a sign of bad taste. But this does not apply in three cases: if you were the one who prepared the dish and it is accompanied by the recipe; if there is a story related to this dish (share it!); if the dish really is very unusual.

At the time of greeting

#First they greet: men to women, the youngest and those who occupy a lower rank than the elderly.

#The first to stretch out his hand to say hello is the person to whom the stranger was introduced: that is, the woman shakes hands with the man; an older person, the younger one. But the boss always stretches the hand first even if the subordinate is a woman.

#Regardless of your status, when entering a room, say hello first.

#When introducing people, give a little information about them: “She is my friend Ana, she is a veterinarian”. This way, each one will understand in what relation you are with that person and they will have topics of conversation.

#Before shaking hands, the man must take off his glove.

#When you get into the taxi, say hello to the driver first.

#If the person who enters the room stretches out your hand while you are sitting, get up; they do not shake hands while sitting.

#If your companion greeted a person you do not know, say hello too.

#In the bathroom and when leaving there he does not wave by the hand. In general, if you have dirty or wet hands, or you have something heavy in your hands, it is better to apologize instead of trying to do it chaotically.
Do not shake your hand across the table: get close to the person.

When you visit

#If you are invited somewhere, do not answer with the question: “Who else will attend?” Is in bad taste.

#If someone visits you, turn off the TV and get away from the computer.

#If you are visiting or receiving guests, do not talk on the phone for more than 5 minutes.

#First show your guest where he can wash his hands and get ready, and only later show him the house.

#If the food is already served and everyone is sitting at the table, they start eating when the owner of the house feels too.

#At the beginning of the banquet, when everyone greets each other, keep the cup with the cold drink in your left hand. Otherwise your hand will cool and moisten, which is best avoided by greeting someone’s hand.

#If you leave a party before the others, say goodbye only to the owners. Otherwise your departure can become a signal to the other guests that everyone should retire now.

In a restaurant

#It is in bad taste to sit at the table with an unknown person in a cafeteria. But you can do it if she invites you.

#Do not ask for the account if your companion has not finished his meal yet.

#It is unacceptable to use a napkin instead of a paper to blow your nose.

#If you are served a dish accompanied by a bowl of sauce, pour a little of the sauce on the plate. Do not submerge the pieces in the common sauce boat.

#Of the pieces of food served on a plate, do not choose the best. Choose the one that is closest.

#Do not serve more drink just for you. When you raise the jar, ask your coworkers if they want more drink.

On the phone

#Do not give important news by text messages.

#Always turn off the sound of the phone being in the theater, the cinema, the library or in a class.

#If they do not answer you after the fifth tone, hang up.

#If you are talking with your friends, you can use the phone as you want. But if you need to make or answer a call, get away a few meters so as not to disturb anyone.

#If the call was cut, the one who must call again is the person who initiated the conversation.

#If you are calling from an unknown number, say your full name so that your caller does not ask: “Juan? Which one?”

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