5 Simple Ways Most Effective Home Remedies To Get Soft Pink Lips, Lips are an attractive feature of our face. When it comes to taking care of them, most of the time we tend to ignore them. We all wish to have pretty pink lips but sadly suffer from uncolored or dark lips. Intake of coffee and tea, usage of poor quality lipstick and exposure to Sun are the causes of dark lips.

However, if you also have discolored or dark lips you need not worry. Today we will tell you very simple home remedies that will bring the natural pink color of your lips.

Exfoliate your lips

Exfoliation will remove the dead skin of your skin. You can do it using a toothbrush. Take a soft-bristled toothbrush and dampen it. Now gently rub it on your lips using small circular motions. It will improve the blood flow as well which will give your lips a pink color.

Homemade scrub

If you don’t want to use a toothbrush to exfoliate then here’s another option. You can make a scrub for your lips. Simply take one teaspoon of honey, one tablespoon of coconut oil and 2 tablespoons of brown or white sugar. Take this on your fingers and rub it gently on your lips in a circular motion.


Frequent moisturization is a key to get soft pink lips. Keep your lips moisturized with a lip balm or you can use cocoa butter also for this purpose.

Lemon Juice

Take some lemon juice and cotton pad. Dip the cotton pad into the lemon juice and apply it on your lips. Leave it for 10 minutes and wash it with water. Repeat this thrice a week and see your lips getting lighter day by day.

Beetroot juice

Beetroot juice is dark red is color. It gives a temporary pink color to your lips. People who have applied it regularly claims that it gradually lightens the color of their lips.