6 Things You Should Never Do for a Man


6 Things You Should Never Do for a Man, All the girls want to be happy. But sometimes women assume the role of men in a relationship, sacrifice too much for love.In Dicasocial we decided to understand what women should not do for men under any circumstances.

#1.Try to solve your problems for him

Even if your partner has constant problems with money, they ran from work and say they can not find a new one, remember: it is always possible to get a job, and if the man not only dreams of self-realization but understands that he should also feed his family , can work on anything before winning world fame. What happens is that solving your partner’s problems will become a habit, your partner will not become more man because of this and you risk becoming a robot that will be doing everything. Such a relationship would be zero harmonious.

#2.Make expensive gifts for any occasion

It is better that the gifts in the couple are equivalent. There is no point in giving your partner a python skin case or buying a car if what he will give you will be a new pan. In the first place, the attempt to conquer the man with the money probably will not bring you success, on the contrary, with the expensive gifts you will be able to chase him away. Secondly, if you ran into an honest man, he will be taking advantage of you.

#3.Be pillow for him

Unlike women, compassion and love for men do not always go hand in hand. That is to say, it is probable that he is complaining with you but that he ends up marrying another woman. Many women sometimes believe that it is a sign of a deep relationship because what you are doing is getting this poor man, sad and lonely, out of an abyss of despair. But remember the famous Little Mermaid: she saved the Prince, but he married another.

A wise woman will always listen, support, give advice and inspire to continue fighting. For men, these types of women provoke a sense of security. And this is one of the secrets of a happy relationship.

#4.Say: “I told you!”

Even if you’re right Even if it’s the umpteenth time you’ve warned him but he did it his way. There is nothing more provocative than the phrase “I told you!” In the first place, you turned out to be more intelligent than him. Second, you made it obvious. It is very disrespectful. Every man needs to feel important. Highlighting your superiority every time is doubtful that you can count on a harmonious relationship.

#5.Sacrificing personal life and career

Unfortunately, if we dedicate our life fully to our family6., husband, children and domestic chores, our partner quickly loses interest. Sooner or later he will want to be alone in the first place; and second, see a pretty woman.
If you got married, it does not mean that you should forget your friends, work and other things that you like. On the contrary, the more varied and full your life outside the family, the more your partner will look for you. But, again, do not forget: everything with measure.

#6.Change the physical appearance to please you

Yes, we women love to change. But if it is your partner who is insisting on your change of look and you have a totally different idea, it is time for you to think. Are you going to cut your hair just because it occurred to you? A man who truly loves you would never demand these changes, let alone damage your self-esteem. If he does, ask yourself: do you really think he is the right person?

At the same time, if it is small details, there is no problem, on the contrary, it could strengthen the emotional bond between the two.

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