7 Clothing Items That Are A Danger To Your Health


7 Clothing Items That Are A Danger To Your Health, Daily we wear clothes that seem comfortable and beautiful, and we do not realize that these could be harming our health. It never occurs to us to associate a headache with an incorrectly chosen bag and a constant acidity with the pressure of the underwear too tight. But if we do not stop constantly putting these things, the consequences can be the most deplorable.


For a long time women have liked thongs because they look sexy and are invisible under clothes. But the frequent use of thongs increases the risk of infections of the reproductive system. The thongs are usually made of synthetic materials that retain moisture and heat, thus creating an ideal habitat for dangerous bacteria. While the cut of these panties can cause irritations and traumas to the delicate skin in intimate parts. Definitely do not have to use them every day.

Push-up bra

A bra that visually enlarges and lifts the breasts is dangerous because it can squeeze the ducts and tissues of the breast and slow down blood circulation, which in the future can cause the appearance of tumors. You can use it, but once in a while. You do not have to put on those underwear for more than 12 hours in a row and even more, sleep with it on (this applies to all bras). After removing it, make a gentle massage of the breasts. Before buying a push-up bra , make sure that the size fits well and is not too tight, and that it is made of good quality material.

Modeling underwear

Speaking of underwear that harms the health of a woman, we can not fail to mention the modeling underwear. Women who frequently use it complain of acidity and swelling, because that underwear tightly compresses the stomach. But this is not the worst. Doctors say that the constant use of corrective clothing can lead to stomach cancer, and also to thrombosis, varicose veins and back problems (press the lower back). In addition, said clothing is hermetic, that is, it does not allow the skin to breathe, which can cause irritations and rashes. In this case there is only one advice: it is better to get rid of excess weight with diet and exercise than to constantly shape the figure with those underwear.

Skinny jeans

The tightness of jeans and tight pants can cause many problems: swelling, disorders of blood circulation (and as a consequence, varicose veins), digestive problems due to pressure in the abdominal region, numbness of the skin. The doctors compared tight pants with a corset and even came up with the expression “jeans pelvis” for teenagers, whose pelvic bones are deformed and underdeveloped due to the constant use of tight jeans. But skinny jeans can be dangerous not only for teenagers. An Australian woman35 years old spent a few days in the hospital due to the numbness of the legs. The woman wore those uncomfortable jeans all day, and at night she tripped and fell. Only by cutting off tight jeans and lowering the strong swelling could the doctors return the possibility of moving.

Shoes with high heels and flat soles

When we walk with high heels, the weight of the body is distributed unevenly on the foot. The main load is absorbed by the fingers, so women who prefer stilettos often have deformed fingers. In addition, our center of gravity changes, causing our column to suffer. They also cause arthritis and osteoarthritis, calluses, deformities of the joints, varicose veins, curvature of the posture, feet platipodia, dislocations and injuries … Is beauty worth so many sacrifices?

Flip flops

We all had flip flops. It turns out that this footwear so light and comfortable, in fact, is very treacherous. The British Health Service issued a report indicating that every year 200 thousand British women are treated for diseases caused by the use of flip flops. Scientists at the University of Auburn (USA) also demonstratedthat sandals are harmful to health. They observed the walking characteristics of 39 volunteers in flip flops of both sexes. It turned out that this footwear changes notoriously the way of walking. To keep the flip-flops on their feet, people have to take short steps, turn their ankles inwards and gib their thumbs, and this can cause excessive muscle tension, sprains, heel spurs, edema and seizures. Conclusion: it is better not to wear beach shoes for a long time. Or at least choose models with a heel strap that firmly fixes the foot in the correct position.

Heavy bag shadow one shoulder

When the spacious bags became fashionable, the women were happy. At last it was possible to carry everything they needed. As a result, some women carry a very heavy bag daily and even do it over one shoulder. They soon began to bother the headachesand discomfort in the neck (because the muscles are cramped by the weight). The position is changed, because the shoulder on which a woman hangs her bag involuntarily rises and the vertebral discs move. To avoid this, carry the bag alternately on one or the other shoulder. In general, the bag you carry with you at all times should not weigh more than 10% of your body weight. A good alternative can be a backpack with wide straps (evenly distribute the load), which should be used on two shoulders. If you still prefer a bag, do a little test before buying it. Try to touch with your hand the bottom of the bag that you liked. If your hand “drowned” up to the elbow or more in search of the bottom, look for another accessory. This one is too big for you.

Cheap fantasy jewelry

The cheap jewelery you buy for yourself and your children may contain dangerous metals and chemicals. The scientists of the USA They tested 99 jewels from 14 different online stores. The analysis confirmed the presence of arsenic, cadmium, lead and mercury in these fancy jewelry in quantities considered dangerous to life. In another study, researchers foundthat, out of 103 samples of cheap Chinese jewelry for children, 12% contained a dangerous amount of cadmium, one of the most toxic metals. Prolonged use of an ornament of this type can cause many health problems, and if a child accidentally swallows it, even a lethal result is possible. Therefore, be very careful when buying jewelery. The earrings, especially for piercing, should be made only of the so-called surgical steel. The chains, bracelets, rings can be made of plastic or alloys of low cost, but they must necessarily be covered with a protective varnish.

Be very careful and do not follow fashion that can be dangerous for your health. The real beauty is not in the fashion-tight pants, but in yourself, healthy and happy.