7 Unique Swings In The World That Will Make You Want To Get On


7 Unique Swings In The World That Will Make You Want To Get On By Zeephy.comThe biggest swing in the world, the most dangerous and the most beautiful, are the most incredible swings we can find around the world.

Meet each of them and choose your favorite!

# 1 The swing of the end of the world

The Tree House in Baños, Ecuador, has the best view of the Tungurahua volcano from a swing on a cliff. It is not clear where the swing came from, perhaps it was created by a capricious seismologist .

This photo, taken on the “end of the world” swing in Baños, Ecuador, depicts a man on the swing wateruption.lcanic eruption . The eruption took place on February 1, 2014. The image received international recognition in a photographic contest of National Geographic and quickly spread throughout the world .

Since then thousands and thousands of tourists arrive to get on the most dangerous swing in the world, installed on the edge of a precipice of about 2600 meters.

# 2 The highest swing in Europe

“Over The Edge” , is the tallest swing in Europe and we found it, 100 meters from the ground in Amsterdam. It offers spectacular views over the city and its historic center, its port always full of life and it’s mythical canals.

Located on the top floors of the A’DAM Toren building, it consists of four seats secured with fixings, and is operated by a hydraulic motor.

# 3 Swing at the edge of a cliff

The swing located on the edge of a cliff more than 300 meters high in the Wansheng Ordovician theme park is one of the last attractions that we can find in China.

In the video, a tourist is seen swaying on the misty edge of the cliff, who is pushed by a member of staff while the spectators laugh and cheer him up .

# 4 Nevis Swing in New Zealand

This extreme swing is called Nevis Arc and is the largest swing in the world. It is located in New Zealand, in the middle of a canyon. The visitors of the attraction seek to live a moment of spectacular adrenaline in a swing that balances in an arch of 274 meters at 150 meters per hour.

# 5 Swing in the sea in Gili Trawangan

The Gili Islands are a group of three small islands located near the northwest corner of Lombok, another Indonesian island near Bali. Gili Trawangan is the most urbanized of the three, there you can find one of the most beautiful swings in the world.

# 6 The magic swing of Kirby Cove

Hanging from a large tree on the edge of the hill, the swing offers incredible views of the wonderful Golden Gate. To get there you have to leave the car at Battery Spencer and walk about 30 minutes until you reach the beach where the swing is.

# 7 Swing Trandal, Norway

Hidden in the interior of the coast of Norway we can find a swing right in the middle of impressive mountains. This swing sits next to the Hjørundfjord in the garden of Christian Guard by gun, in the remote village of Trandal.

There will not be a crowd waiting impatiently waiting for their turn on the swing. So you can swing for hours and enjoy the incredible views of the fjord glaciers, without interruptions.

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