7 Werid Things About Penis Women Don’t Know


7 Werid Things About Penis Women Don’t Know , IF size or shape does not matter, all male members have some points in common. We know well that, in infantile terms, they are the ones indicated to introduce the seed that creates babies in women. But, in addition to the obvious, is there extra information about it that not everyone knows? Well, without a doubt. In the world of penises everything is possible and, if I am not mistaken, women often do not know much of what can be known about them. Do you think your boyfriend has told you all about his private parts?

Well, I would not be so sure. Here is the epic list of the 7 things you probably did not know about penises.

#1.It has a life of its own and is erect in the morning

#2.Urinating with an erection and not causing a flood in the bathroom is the task of titans

You always have to urinate before!

#3.Sometimes, when you feel like it, urinate with a double stream.

Stupid and sensual penis …

#4.is able to surprise us in public and show off with fury.

And it’s not that we’re excited … Necessarily …

#5.And he does not care who’s around.

No, it does not discriminate or behave if we are in a work meeting. It is a loquillo.

#6.Sometimes it just does not react.

And the more we strive to do it, the more it deflates.

#7.And it leaves us at the moment when we need it most …

Yes, I already said it … It has a life of its own and, sometimes, there is no desire to have a child that manages to activate it.

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