9 Proven Ways To Recover Your Sight


9 Proven Ways To Recover Your Sight, A basic principle of medicine is that if you use any muscle it becomes weaker. Like other muscles, you need to train those in your eyes to work well. In zeephy.com we have nine proven ways to do it.

1. Avoid over-strengthening your eyes during the day. Close them for a few minutes and enjoy peace every 2-3 hours.

2. These are 16 basic exercises you can do to train your eyes. Do them every day in the order indicated.

3. If you wear glasses, reduce the time you wear them if possible. Take them off as often as you can.

4. Give your eyes a massage using soft circular movements that go from points 1 to 6, as the image shows.

Use your middle and index fingers to press your eyes. You should feel light pressure but definitely no pain or discomfort while performing these movements.

5. When you go for a walk in the open air, try to look at the distance rather than focus on what is under your feet or in immediate proximity.

6. Drink carrot juice as many times as you can (preferably, every day).

If you want to get the most benefit, add one or two drops of olive oil. It will not ruin the flavor and, instead, will help you absorb the nutritious elements of the carrot juice with greater efficiency.

7. When you feel that your eyes are tired, wash them with warm water.

8. Try not to look at the screen of your computer, TV or smartphone at least two hours before you go to sleep.

9. Try to practice Hindu exercises for the eyes, Trataka. This will help your eyes and your mind stay focused.

Sit looking at an immobile object in an open place (a candle, for example). Focus your eyes and all your attention on him. Try not to blink. Try to have a clear and detailed image in your mind and memory.

Close your eyes and focus your attention on the space between your eyebrows trying to keep the image of the object in your head for as long as you can. Do it for about 10 minutes.

The goal of this exercise is to achieve a clear image of some object before your eyes get tired.

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