Different Ways To Kiss And The Meaning Of These KISSES


Different Ways To Kiss And The Meaning Of These KISSES. We all know the kiss on the cheek, on the hand, in the neck or the big “french” wet, all types of kiss that we give or receive or share daily. But did you know that every type of kiss hides its meaning and that there are really many ways to kiss? In this article, we talk about the 20 most popular ways and the meaning or interpretation of these kisses.

Generally, you just met a girl, your goal is to “frencher” as quickly as possible to show your interest, to also measure the reciprocity of his interest in front of you, also to know if it embraces well, if the ” chemistry “operates, but of course, yes … for pleasure. You may be content with the kiss on the cheek at first not to rush … Good, unless you’re in a party in a daze and it’s the 4th person you “french” in a few hours, but that, we’ll come back to it in another article. Here, we are talking about kissing her in an attempt at a potential relationship. Oh yes, there are also those who are already in a relationship, it could interest you!

The preamble being established, let us now turn to the meaning of some kiss, or rather the place where you drop your kiss, before presenting you the 20 kinds of kissing most popular.

On the hand: I really appreciate you very much.

On the cheek: Kiss friendly.

On the chin: You are “cute”! Affectionate, but usually nothing sexual.

In the neck: I want you …

On the lips: I love you.

On the earlobes: carnal pleasure in sight.

1. A kiss on the forehead

Generally a friendly sign, a sign of sincere affection. On the other hand, it can also be used as the beginning of an act … then, we take action.

2. The kiss “Eskimo”

It’s affection, proximity, a kiss of pleasure a little childish. Generally, it’s more towards our children, but in a couple, it shows a nice complicity a little naive. These are the noses that rub from one side to the other one or two seconds.

3. The “french kiss”

Probably the most famous kisses, one of the most “sexy”, is an open mouth kiss where tongues touch each other. Very sexual. Pretty easy to execute, but for some, it may take some time to master. expresses attraction, desire, passion.

4. The kiss “one lip at a time” or “one lip”

You must take one of his lips between yours and suck gently. It’s a terribly romantic kiss, and if you do it right, you’ll be able to send tingles directly into the damsel’s belly!

5. The kiss on the hand

A mark of politeness, but also of gallantry. Expresses respect, but also means that the person who does it may be kind or seductive (or both).

6. The kiss on the earlobe

Here is one who can become very passionate when adding language. For cons, do not get excited because an excess of drool in the ear is never very exciting. Express the envy of the other.

7. The butterfly kiss

When you are face-to-face, very close, intimate, when your eyelashes can touch each other when you blink. Complicity.

8. The kiss upside down now renamed “Spiderman Kiss” since 2002

No need to have your head down and to be suspended by the feet to get there! It is also done in a bed, on a sofa lol. Express attraction.

9. The kiss “prolonged”

The one that should never end. Sweet, passionate, sweet, wet, he is good. The one after which people have been running forever, others want to revive. Love. A strong love.

10. The kiss on the cheek

Without deep commitment. Respectful and kind. It is fun and does not really have consequences.