Elephant Massage, You Can’t Skip Watching Elephant Massaging This Girl, Recording of elephant massages has surrounded the Internet. The media is portraying it as a fun and quirky activity to try on Thailand. Igor and Anastasia Nikoskov, both 28, are a married couple. The couple decided to go on holiday on Koh Chang island. When the tourist guide told them about the elephant massage, they decided to try it.

“It felt like an experience you just had to try. The elephants can also play basketball as well though, which looks really cool.” Igor said

He further added, “We were there on our honeymoon. And it was definitely an experience we would go back and have again. The elephants can also play basketball, which looks really cool.”

This whole concept of elephant massage sounds like an appealing and fun activity. However, this isn’t as appealing as it looks. There is a harsh reality behind these elephant massages.

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This is not only restricted to giving massages. They are trained to perform tricks including elephant rides and performing in a circus.

If you indeed want to appreciate elephants without contributing to animals cruelty then you should rather visit national sanctuaries and parks.

There are several national sanctuaries in Thailand such as the Elephant National Park where you can watch and even interface with these innocent creatures.