Girl Embraces Her Curves After Near-Death Battle With Anorexia , When you are determined to reach your goal, nobody can stop you from achieving it. And such determined temperament was exhibited by an Anorexia patient.

Chiara Schober a resident of Eschen, Liechtenstein, was at the lowest point in her battle with Anorexia and weighed 49 pounds at that time.

She didn’t have any appetite and her body was surviving on no calorie-intake. She lacked any body fat or muscle tone.

It is indeed a miracle for her to beat such a deadly disease like anorexia and it is always good to see people taking on the challenge at the same time.

Chiara did the impossible and has inspired many to not quit in the face of death. She was quite young when she started having stomach pains. Slowly the pain became so intense that she was left with absolutely no appetite.

And her death of her grandmother made things worse. It had a bad impact on her and was left heartbroken. “When my grandmother passed away I was heartbroken, she had helped me get a bit better but when I lost her my weight spiraled again.”

“I would be placed on an eating diet which resulted in several meals a day, including porridge with almonds and quinoa with broccoli,” she recalled.

“When doctors told me my body wouldn’t be able to cope much longer without food I knew it was now or never.”

Her boyfriend Jason handled the issue very carefully. He encouraged her to eat more by making sure she always had food around to snack on, like popcorn.

Soon she started to enjoy eating again which boosted her ability to tackle the mental problems.
“Recovery wasn’t easy but I would recommend anyone in a similar position to see a doctor or therapist as soon as they notice an eating disorder.”