HUMOR: 11 Pets Caught Committing Mischief


HUMOR: 11 Pets Caught Committing Mischief, All of us who have pets know that the love we are capable of developing for them is gigantic. Even when they do not behave as well as they should. No matter how many mischiefs they make, you are totally incapable of getting angry with them.

Who could get angry with those good faces? And above all, when their antics are so crazy that it is impossible not to laugh with them, even if you or your possessions are the victim.

For this entry we have selected eleven situations of animals caught with their hands in the mass, but which no jury could condemn.

Have you seen yourself in any similar situation with your pets?

It’s not what it seems

I’m not running away from you, it’s that this area of ​​the pool is more comfortable

I thought it was my bag!

I do not remember having hung that scarf in there

Nothing happens, we’re just talking

It’s cool, I do not regret anything It’s

not what you think …

You say you’re looking for your lipstick? No, I have not seen it

Eh, okay, okay, nothing happens …

I’ve discovered this hole in the sofa

Nothing, I was just watching the fish …

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