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Let’s Talk About Menstruation – Zeephy, I tested three products that were supposed to replace our good old tampons and sanitary napkins: THINX menstruation panties, menstrual cups and sanitary napkins. . Here is my verdict. Backing off from any challenge.

If one day I had been told that I would talk about my menstruation on ELLE QUÉBEC, I probably would not have believed it. Yet, what is so taboo about menstruation? Every month, blood flows from the vagina of half of the people on the planet. It seems to me that this is an excellent reason to consider the topic of public interest, right?

These days, I try to talk about it more freely. Use the real terms: “I have my period” or “I’m menstruating” instead of the classic “I have my period” or “I’m in my week”. In the office, I take my tampon to the bathroom without hiding it in my sleeve or in the bottom of a pocket. Why? Because it annoys me that in 2017, we are still embarrassed or ashamed of such a natural phenomenon that is part of the lives of so many people. We see blood everywhere – on TV, in movies, in video games – but god forbid we talk about the one that flows without violence between our legs. That’s disgusting. Frankly.

In short, last month, I lent my body to the science (or almost) question of testing different menstrual products that intrigued me. Here is what I thought about it.

The menstrual cup

I had heard wonders about the famous Diva Cup, this little silicone cup, supposed to protect us for 12 hours: better for health, better for the environment, better. Point.
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The pros : Once cleverly put in place, it is true that this cut can be worn comfortably all day. It is reusable, inexpensive (about $ 30) and, if properly installed, is effective against leaks. It also allows you to know your body (since to handle it, you have to enter your fingers into your vagina) and menstrual flow, which is difficult to assess when using tampons or towels. Most? Once it is placed, it is completely invisible, allowing better enjoyment of some more intimate activities. (Yes, yes, I’m talking about menstruation and oral sex in the same article, nothing stops me.)

Countermeasures: Proper installation of your menstrual cup requires a lot of practice, especially if you want to ensure its perfect seal. Its rigid composition can make the first tests a little painful. But insertion seems child’s play when it comes time to … remove it! To be honest, I had a moment of panic the first time I had to remove it. After 30 minutes (yes, 30 minutes) spent in my bathroom contorsionnée in a more or less comfortable position, I got to wonder if I would have to go to the emergency to ask for help. I managed the operation but it was not the most beautiful half hour of my life, let’s say it like that … The motto, therefore: practice, practice, practice!

Fabric sanitary napkins

This product, to be honest, I refused to test it outside the comfort of my apartment. Why? Because like regular napkins, these need to be changed every few hours, except they are not disposable. They are also sold with a small pouch to keep them once soiled. But between us, rinse a piece of bloody cloth in the toilets of the office and then lug them all day in my purse? Very little for me.

The pros : They are pretty, reusable, ecological, inexpensive (about $ 10) and can be found that are manufactured in Quebec! They are comfortable (at least when worn at home in pajamas!) And effective. There are also fabric undergarments that can be used in conjunction with a tampon or menstrual cup.
The cons: As I mentioned above, soiled towels should be rinsed and then transported to the house. Personally, to avoid this hassle, I would wear them at night rather than during the day.

THINX menstruation panties

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These period panties are primarily designed to be a crutch for more traditional menstrual products, such as tampons or menstrual cups, not always infallible. However, depending on the intensity of its menstrual flow, they can be worn on their own without any other form of protection. It is in this way, during my days of milder menstruation, that I have tried them and I AM FALLING IN LOVE. Far from being new diapers, they are aesthetic, extremely comfortable and retain without leakage or smell the equivalent of two pads soaked in blood. A revelation!

Pros : These panties come in many sizes and cuts. Personally, I love so much the hi-waist model , as beautiful as comfortable, that I even wear it when I’m not menstruating. These panties allow to stay completely dry thanks to a new technology that I would describe as revolutionary, nothing less. And, since they are reusable, they are ecological.

The cons: The price of a THINX is quite high, about $ 45. And the panties should be dried flat and out of the sun to maintain its absorption efficiency. And, of course, if you have a larger menstrual flow, it should be used in combination with another hygienic product. Not perfect so (but almost).

My verdict? After seven days of testing rather difficult (OK, not that much), my idea is made. I will definitely use menstrual panties again, maybe I’ll try the menstrual cup and I’ll keep cloth sanitary napkins for the “oh-no-I-forgot-to-buy-pads” moments “. For now, I store all these beautiful products in a drawer … until next month! Ugh.

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