Meet Ines Helene: The Swedish Kim Kardashian


Meet Ines Helene: The Swedish Kim Kardashian, Kim Kardashian’s body has been a point of comparison between women with voluptuous dimensions that are a delight for us gentlemen; however it turns out to be only a reference, since it seems that many of these girls exceed, by far, the socialite. And now, Ines Helene, a Swedish model has overflowed in the networks for his tremendous figure and there is not a single man whose heart does not accelerate when he sees his sensual photographs.

Ines Helene is 23 years old, a spectacular body and more than 1.6 million Instagram users are open-mouthed. However, it is not just a pretty face and body, Ines speaks four languages ​​and studies finance at a University of London.

The girl is already considered a goddess in social networks, where not only is compared to Kim Kardashian, but many say he has a better body. Take a look at this selection of photographs that we at Dicasocial have brought for you. And then you tell us what you think of Ines.

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