OMG! 90% Of People Ignore 7 First Symptoms Of Cancer


7 First Symptoms Of Cancer That 90% Of People Ignore,l human body functions in such a way that sends us signals in the form of symptoms so we know that something is wrong. Unfortunately, many people often overlook what our body is trying to tell us, thinking that nothing will happen. gathered some symptoms of cancer that must be taken very seriously. Because to win, you need to know what you’re fighting against.

If you noticed the following symptoms in you or in your relatives, do not draw hasty conclusions, based on self-diagnosis, because many of them may be symptoms of other diseases. But yes, go to your doctor to do the proper studies.

The appearance of neoplasms can be one of the symptoms of skin and breast cancer. Other symptoms:

Packages in both the breasts and in the underarm area.

Irritation or pimples of unknown provenance that is not related to the allergic reaction to food or cosmetics.

The appearance of suppurating sores in the middle of the neoplasm.

The growth and change of the size of moles.

Prolonged cough is one of the symptoms of lung disease that is accompanied by different symptoms:

Low appetite

Rapid weight loss

In the most advanced stages of lung cancer appears a cough with blood and shortness of breath

In most cases , the itching on the skin has nothing to do with oncology, however, the clinical experience shows a certain relationship:

The neoplasms in the womb cause itching in the area of ​the genitals.

Brain cancer can be accompanied with itching in the area of ​​the nostrils.

In case of colon cancer these symptoms occur:

Blood in the stool.

Mucus and pus.

Bowel incontinence

The kidney cancer may be accompanied by other symptoms:

Blood in the urine.

High blood pressure

Kidney pain.

Chronic tiredness that is accumulating.

Unexplained weight loss happens in case of stomach cancer . In the early stages, usually, they are poorly marked symptoms, however, then the following appear:

Repulsion towards the flesh.

Quick satisfaction (the stomach feels full after eating small amounts of food).


Obstruction of food.

Prolonged sore throat can be a symptom of cancer of the larynx and is accompanied by the following symptoms:

Difficulty breathing and pain when swallowing.

With the growth of the neoplasm you feel the presence of a foreign body in the throat.

The voice becomes hoarse and little by little it is completely lost.

Phlegm with blood and smell of pus in the mouth.

These observations are not a solid basis for diagnosing the disease because they may coincide with the symptoms of other conditions. However, if you noticed them, do not ignore them. Consult as soon as possible with your doctor and get some studies. Remember: it is better to prevent and detect in time!