That’s Why The Neckline Of The Famous Looks So $exy


That’s Why The Neckline Of The Famous Looks So $exy, When you see the celebrities who show off their necklines on the red carpet, it seems that the laws of physics do not exist for them. They feel totally safe and are not afraid that the dress can betray them and slide down.

Zeephy peeked behind the cameras and finally discovered the secrets and tricks of celebrities.

#1.Scotch tape

Many celebrities use it to lift the bust.

Kim Kardashian, for example, accepted that to create a perfect neckline, use a textile adhesive tape. If you do not have one on hand, you can use a common ribbon (Kim has also tried it).

Before sticking the tape, do not use lotions or oils so it does not come off prematurely.

Double sided tape

The double-sided tape allows to wear dresses even with extremely deep necklines. One part adheres to the body, and the other part to the dress.

This tape is often worn by lovers of sensual dresses such as Jennifer Lopez, Beyonce, Lady Gaga and others. In a dress like this without the tape any wrong movement can put the famous in an uncomfortable situation.


A few years ago, the era of contouring began: everyone used this technique to “sculpt” the face and, later, discovered parts of the body. The famous began to highlight the neckline with bronzers and highlighters, also emphasize clavicles to look thinner.

The first famous to accept having used this technique was Lady Gaga. Definitely, this trick can be taken into account, the important thing is not to overstress and blur everything well. Otherwise, contouring can play a bad joke on you as with Kylie Jenner.

Adhesive bra

The adhesive bra gained fame among the famous and common women for several reasons:

It is simply essential if you must wear a dress with an open back.

It is perfect for strapless dresses.

“Pick up” the bust and lift it up.

Maybe your only fault is that you can not use it for a long time because it can take off if you sweat.

And, finally, the most important point

If you plan to wear a daring dress, do not forget to be sure of yourself. It does not matter if nature has awarded you the size of Cara Delevingne or Christina Hendricks. The famous ones, when stepping on the red carpet, always behave safely and feel free. That’s why you do not forget your security and charisma!

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