Top 10 Nastiest Things Women Secretly Do When Together


Top 10 Nastiest Things Women Secretly Do When Together, Girls look so elegant and beautiful but they do not only just gossip when they are together. Together, they do some of the nastiest things, that many of us would be surprised to know.So here we have some of those nastiest things that women do when they are together!

1.Comparing Their Assets

Girls would remove clothes and then compare each other assets and examine each other bodies behind the closed doors when they are together.

2.Examine Poop

Perhaps, the nastiest things that girls do is when they have issues with their poop, they would call each other up and talk about poop and examine it, and then collect views. This is very common among girls.

3.Graphic Details

Girls discuss their relationships and the intimate acts there been a part of when they are together. But sometimes the escapades that they share are the nastiest.


Girls carry tweezers in their purse and then when they needed they would pluck each other eyebrows and we believe that is really nasty.

5.Popping Zits

Girls really like to carry makeup and then when they find an opportunity, they love to make their friend look more beautiful by applying makeup on their face, and then style their hair. But if they find a zitter, believe us, it won’t survive. It will be popped.

6.Smell Check

Girls would smell each other’s mouths and literally, the armpits to make sure that they don’t smell like rotten eggs because girls are really careful about how they smell and how their friends smell.

7.Sharing Personal Items

If in a girls’ group, someone forgets her toothbrush or any toiletry, they are not afraid to share their own toothbrush with them.

8.Sharing Bathroom Stalls

We know that many girls go to the washroom together, but they would share the same bathroom stall, where one relieves herself and the other waits, rather than standing outside.

9.Pass Gas

Girls would run here and there to escape the embarrassing situation of passing gas in front of someone, but when they are together, they would blast out like no one is watching.

10.Helping Down Under
Girls don’t really think again when it comes to helping their friend with problems down there. Behind the doors, they would see and solve the problems related to what’s down there.

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