Top 10 Things The Beauty Industry Does Not Want You To Know


Top 10 Things The Beauty Industry Does Not Want You To Know, Zeephy we envy what they look fabulous celebrities despite his age and so much work. And, of course, we realize that without the frequent help of the best cosmetologists and dermatologists they could not look like that.

#1.Do not underestimate sunscreens

It is impossible to have beautiful and healthy skin without the regular use of sunscreen: Hollywood stars apply it on their face every day. “Any other effort you make will be in vain if you despise this rule. It must become a habit, “says Mamie McDonald, a cosmetologist who worked with Madonna. “SPF-30 is the minimum rate of your protection. And try to renew protection during the day, “advises the famous cosmetologist, Dr. Lancer

#2.Do not over-dry your skin if you get an inflammation

Most acne creams contain benzoperoxide, which dries the skin excessively, increases inflammation and fat production. Alcohol works in the same way: this way you will not get rid of the pimples. Dr. Harold Lancer recommends drying the skin and focusing on exfoliation using salicylic or lactic acid, as well as taking products into account with clay.

#3.Do not forget your neck

“Caring for the neck and the neck area is important because this part of the body quickly betrays the woman’s age,” says Dr. Brandt, who worked with Halle Berry, Brooke Shields and Gwyneth Palthrow. The skin in these areas is thin and needs care as delicate as the skin of the face. Do not stop in the chin area and everything will be fine.

#4.Rub your skin with an ice cube

Santa Monica dermatologist Ava Shamban recommends rubbing the face with an ice cube for a few seconds to avoid the dull tone of the face. This procedure stimulates circulation well and the skin begins to glow.

#5.Preserves cosmetics and skin care products correctly

Dr. Jaliman does not recommend storing cosmetics in the bathroom: the warm and humid environment can reduce their lifespan, and the damaged products will surely bring no benefit to your skin. Therefore, it is better to keep the creams and cosmetics that you use from time to time in the refrigerator.

#6.Keep everything that touches your skin clean

Dr. Lancer recommends paying special attention to hygiene: do not touch your face with dirty hands. Secondly, the doctor suggests changing the pillowcases more frequently: once a week, if you have dry or normal skin; once every three days, if you have oily skin. Do not forget to clean your smartphone screen every now and then, accumulate many bacteria.

#7.Do not use exfoliants or bath flowers for the face, much less if you have acne

Supermodel Kendall Jenner long fought against acne until one day he paid attention to the advice of Christie Kidd, Beverly Hills expert in facial care. The doctor ordered her to stop using exfoliants and other abrasive products, as well as bath flowers and brushes: the skin becomes even more inflamed. A gentle and delicate care without soap is what you need any type of skin. And to reduce inflammation and redness, better apply a paste of water and aspirin to the affected areas.

#8.Facial massage helps eliminate bags under the eyes

To fight against the bags under the eyes, Ole Henriksen recommends to his Hollywood clients the lymphatic drainage of the face. The procedure stimulates the lymphatic flow, the skin is smoothed and the bags disappear. By the way, it is not so difficult to learn how to do this type of massage, you can do it on your own.

#9.Take care of the skin of your hands

The hands, like the face, is an area that many people ignore, and should not, also have thin and smooth skin. Try to do housework with gloves and use hand cream at all times. Also apply anti-aging products on the backs of your hands after you apply the product on your face; this advice is given by the famous cosmetologist Martha Samkiran. And, of course, do not forget the sunscreen!

#10.Always purify your skin

The dermatologist Debra Jaliman highlights: never go to sleep without taking off makeup. If you do not, you will have clogged pores and inflammation. It is very easy but many girls ignore this advice.

Stick to your facial care routine and your skin will thank you.

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