The Top 11 Selfies Taken A Moment Just Before Dying


The Top 11 Selfies Taken A Moment Just Before Dying, we are usually very used to taking a selfie at all times, when we are going to eat something very rich, when we are about to start exercising, when you meet a friend, because a fly stopped at the window, etc. Any reason is good for taking a Selfie.

Unfortunately for some, a Selfie was the last thing they did before they died, that photo was the last message they left for the world.

#1.Sport for suicide

These German cousins ​​were well known for taking the most extreme selfies you can imagine. They constantly risked their lives in order to reach the highest points, more dangerous and more inaccessible for all, they wanted to be unique, but as “everything that goes up has to come down” in January of this year one of them died after a fall more than 20 meters, trying to take a selfie above a telephone tower.

#2.Dead to impress the groom

This photograph was taken just before dying. Emma Willis died after trying to take a selfie for her boyfriend during his vacation in the Mexican Mayan Riviera. Unfortunately he hit his head with a falling stone.

#3.Running motorcycles to die

He was on his way to fame, Puerto Rican rapper Ramón González alias Jadiel took the selfie in which he has a mask minutes before he passed away. He lost control of the bike, we do not know if because of the same selfie, but he lost his life when he crashed into a vehicle. Terrible tragedy for Puerto Rican music.

#4.Dangerous selfie

The Mexican Oscar Aguilar, thought it would be great to take a selfie with a gun and thus win dozens of Likes, unfortunately did not know how to put the insurance and shot himself in one leg just before taking the picture. He did not reach the hospital, he died bleeding in the back of his own car.

#5.Died for his innocence, 17 years

His name was Xenia, with only 17 years he ended his life for a selfie and an imprudence. He climbed a bridge under construction to take the selfie you see in the picture, when he wanted to go down he slipped falling a height of 10 meters hitting his head in a deadly manner.

#6.The last trip

Gary Slok and his mother traveled on the Malaysia Airlines MH17 plane that was shot down by the Russians. This picture was taken just before dying.

#7.Electrocuted in the tower by a like

Another intrepid lover of strong emotions, his sport was to climb all the buildings and skyscrapers of his city to take the best pictures. One unfortunate day everything went wrong, he died electrocuted on top of a tower that he did not know was driving strong electric currents. His death became very popular on the internet.

#8.Facebook’s most intense Japanese

Ying Chu, a young Japanese man based in New York, became famous for being among the first to take this kind of photographs risking his life in the most extreme places. Nobody knows what happened and how it was that he lost his life, but the day he took this picture disappeared forever.

#9.The most intrepid of Boston

This was a legend in the city of Boston United States, climbed to the most dangerous places and took incredible photographs, unfortunately as everything good ends, died after a fall, lasted two months in a coma, then surrendered and lost the lifetime.

#10.A disastrous wedding

The co-pilot of the photo Collette Moreno left a devastated husband and a 5-year-old child without a mother after crashing while trying to take a selfie with her friend who was two days away from getting married. The girls lost control of the vehicle, ending the dreams of a young family.

#11.The lost photographer

During a photo shoot, photographer Megan Stuart fell down a cliff over 60 meters high. The death was instantaneous, but the authorities took almost a week to find the body. No one knew what had happened to her until they heard the horrible news.

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