Top 12 Animals You Did Not Know Existed


Top 12 Animals You Did Not Know Existed, in the forests of Madagascar, and African savannahs live animals with a very exotic look, they are a real find for any photographer, are so spectacular that immediately the question arises : are the work of photoshop? The answer is no; It was nature itself that was responsible for drawing at will. presents you 12 photos of the very strange, but real, animals that inhabit our planet, and whose existence you probably did not know about.

Snow goat: It seems that the photographer is not the only one surprised.

The red-lipped batfish: Water fish salda which is very common in aquariums around the world.

Elf Shark: In addition to its horn and prominent jaws, it appears to be pink because its skin is very thin making it possible to see its millions of blood vessels.

Panda Ant: Although its name indicates otherwise, it is not really an ant, it is a German type wasp.

Snake-penis: That is the common name of the Atretochoana eiselti

Umbonia Spinosa: This beetle needs its protuberance to cut the buds of the plants and extract their juices with which it feeds.

Striped hedgehog: It produces a sound that resembles that of a rattlesnake.

Hawk Moth (Morgan Sphinx):

Dragon Blue: One of the most beautiful and poisonous inhabitants of the sea.

Crab mantis: This hunter is capable of striking a blow comparable to that of a 22 mm bullet with his pincers.

Venezuelan “poodle” moth: A type of moth discovered relatively recently.