Top 5 Contest Brings Together The Wildlife Photography Awards 2017


Top 5 Contest Brings Together The Funniest Pictures Of Animals And Their Humor Is Wild, Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2017, Anyone who has already laughed at a wild animal blooper knows how funny our pets can be when they get into it. And to be convinced, there is nothing like the photos in contention to win the Comedy Wildlife Photography contest.

This international competition brings together hilarious photos taken on five continents and showcasing a wide variety of species. And the goal of the competition is not only to make the curious and the participants laugh. Behind this seemingly futile contest hides a desire to protect the species.

As the contest organizers explain, Paul and Tom, ” by participating or simply by coming to see the pictures, people laugh, and are sensitized to all the beauty of the animal kingdom. If in return they talk about them, we can hope for a snowball effect, with more and more people convinced of the need to protect the species “.

Remember their beauty, too: the winner of the competition wins indeed a photo safari of a week to take full eyes … and maybe even laugh a little.

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