Top 5 Most Moving and Emotional Viral Stories Photo of 2015


Top 7 Most Moving and Emotional Viral Stories of 2015 Although during this year there were some tragic events that shook in 2015 , there were also tender stories that shocked and moved us. Here are the 7 most moving and emotional viral stories of this year!

#1 | Firefighter stops to comfort a child while they attend to their mother after an accident

Let’s start with the most recent story; this is the scene in which a firefighter stopped to comfort a child after he and his family suffered an accident, caught the attention of the whole world. The poignant moment was captured by nurse Steffani Blair who had seen the two-car accident and before he left he stopped to make sure everything was fine.

#2. The most tender act of a hairdresser with an autistic child who shook the world

James Williams became the world’s most famous hairdresser by doing more than expected when a young child with autism needed a haircut.

#3.Girl faints and when she wakes up she finds an emotional letter from her hero

Meet the tender story of a man who helped a girl at the time she needed herself, which became one of the most romantic stories of 2015.

#4.The deer baby who refused to leave the man who saved his life

A man rescued a baby deer near Yellowstone Park, Wyoming, United States. From that moment on, an astonishing relationship between the two began.

#5.The kind gesture of a father towards the stepfather of his daughter on the day of his wedding

Of all the viral stories that emerged this year; this was the most emotional of 2015 as everyone considered it as the most kind gesture of a father to the stepfather of his daughter on the day of their wedding.

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