10 Behind-The-Scenes Photos Of ‘Titanic’ From Another Angle


10 Behind-The-Scenes Photos Of ‘Titanic’ From Another Angle, It’s very unlikely you can find a person who has not seen “Titanic.” But few know how it was created. Zeephy decided to show you the most interesting photos from the recording set of this famous film that will surely remain in the history of cinema and also our grandchildren will see it (maybe in some 3D format).

This moment no longer seems so romantic with James Cameron aside.

In this scene you can rest assured: no one will fall in the ocean because a soft mattress awaits them below.

This is how the 261-meter ship actually looked.

Apparently, Rose forgot how a woman in her class should behave.

At this “vertiginous” height the famous encounter happened.

Rose tried all the formulas to save Jack. He asked James Cameron for help, for example.

These people no longer seem to be in mortal danger.

A great director must know how to swim.

This scene proves once again that the raft not only had room for two, but for three people.

Both deserved an Oscar.

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