10 Celebrities who sneaked into the photos and made them great


10 Celebrities who sneaked into the photos and made them great, What can be more frustrating than having a photo planned so carefully target a stranger in front of the camera and ruin it? But maybe the attitude toward these “damaged” photos changes when you recognize some famous character in them.

Arnold Schwarzenegger, Thai tourists and the Eiffel Tower.

This tourist did not recognize Steven Tyler in the strange man with the bags.

“I wanted to take a picture with my baby but a fool ruined everything”. It was Nicolas Cage.

If you are celebrating your wedding in New York, be prepared to see Zach Braff in the photos.

Kevin Spacey ruined the photo of a girl in Boston.

Chris Hemsworth was sure he was being photographed.

Maybe this is the best selfie of recent times. All thanks to the wrestler and actor Dwayne Johnson.

It is well known that the Queen of England has a great sense of humor. When these Australian athletes took selfies, Her Majesty decided to sneak in too.

Aaron Paul at the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival.

And your photos have been ruined by “Star Trek” actor Will Wheaton?