10 Couples Show Us with Their Example How Love Changes People


10 Couples Show Us with Their Example How Love Changes People, It is said that the physical aspect is not of great importance if you are in love. In a fit of passion, many couples are granted promises of an eternal love under any appearance. And you, are you ready to transform yourself by your better half? These lovers with their example showed that there is nothing impossible if together they are directed towards a goal.

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1. Before you is the incredible story of a complete transformation. Between these two takes 3 years have passed

2. Danny and Lexi dropped about 200 kilograms in a year. At the time of their wedding, their common weight was almost 350 kilograms, but that did not bother them. However, later, they realized that if they did not lose weight, they could not have children. The results are amazing!

3. In just one year, this couple got an excellent physical shape and rejuvenated about 10 years. Everything was to meet a New Year’s goal

4. In two years, this couple changed their lifestyle completely. If it were not for mutual support, they would not have gotten it

5. In 2013, these lovers realized that the time had come to have a healthy lifestyle. At the passage of a year, they lost 150 kilograms between the two and they just look wonderful

6. These guys got in shape before their wedding. We believe that the number of compliments this day exceeded the limit

7. This couple set the goal of losing weight in age when people often ignore their physical form. In less than half a year, they lost 60 kilograms

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8. Haley Smith liked sweets all his life. But after her boyfriend made a marriage proposal, she promised that she would change for the better. After 6 months, Haley is unrecognizable!

9. Sometimes, after the wedding, they do not get fat, but, on the contrary, they lose weight. The result of this pair: less than 150 kilograms between the two

10. The most difficult thing was to control the appetite and change the bad eating habits for the good ones. But the result was worth it: almost minus 230 kilograms in two years between the two