10 Embarrassing Celebrity Moments Shows The Truth Behind The Glamour, Fall during ramp walks, wardrobe malfunctions on red carpet keep on happening all the time. And somehow we have lost interest in those kinds of gossips. But these celebrity moments are different, these are awkward and surely a lot embarrassing.

1. That moment when Emma Watson confused Jimmy Fallon with Jimmy Kimmel on The Tonight Show.

2. Julianne Moore understood the pain of heels that day.

3. When Justin Bieber forgot the lyrics of his own Despacito.

4. When Ariana Grande was almost got run over by Victor’s Secret Angel on the runway.

5. Zac Efron accidentally dropped a condom at The Lorax premiere.

6. When Christina Aguilera was giving a tribute to Etta James and suddenly something started dripping between her legs.

7. The La La Land and Moonlight mix up at Oscars.

8. Beyonce’s hair got caught in a fan while a performance.

9. Katy Perry embarrassingly fell on a cake during her stage performance and couldn’t get back up.

10. Jennifer Lawrence tripped while walking to receive her Oscar.