10 Mistakes That women Make “According To Men”


10 Mistakes That women Make “According To Men”, It is part of their nature that some girls are very nice and kind to everyone and always look for ways to please others. But there are those who confuse that kindness with flirting and end up awakening jealousy of their partner.

Maybe, as a woman, you do not realize those details because they are part of your nature and are almost inevitable, that’s why your boy has to learn to control himself. But if you want to avoid one argument or another, you have to keep reading. We consulted several experts in relationships, and they revealed ten unconscious mistakes that women make in a relationship.

10. Let them talk without stopping.

The man is usually concrete, says what he needs and already, instead the woman likes to give long explanations, tell the facts in detail, and even jump from one topic to another. That usually confuses them and even upsets them.

9. Talk bad about your friends.

For men it is annoying that you spend it complaining about your friends. They can listen to you as much as you want, but it causes them conflict to understand why if they bother you so much you keep talking to them.

8. You set other men as examples.

For your boy it is terrible that you compare him with your dad, your brothers or a co-worker. Phrases like “My dad fixed it in minutes” or “If you want to ask someone else for help” , they give it right in the ego.

7. Do not tell him where you are going.

It happens that you walk with your friends, a plan is made and since you did not have anything concrete to do with your boy, you accept. You go, you have a great time and your gallant bursts with fury for not knowing where you were. It is not about asking permission, but a little message inviting him or telling him where you are going will make him calm and enjoy his time alone, or make plans with his friends, he also has the right.

6. You put the phone in silent mode and throw it into your bag.

Typical: you do not want it to sound at work or at school, and you put it inside your bag, where it is stirred with a thousand other things. Then your boyfriend makes you a scene because he called, he texted and you never answered.

Put your phone in an area where you can feel the vibrations, or return it to the ringing mode when you leave, you could miss important calls from him, your family or your friends.

5. You have many male friends.

There’s nothing wrong with it, but your boyfriend thinks that one of them wants you and he’s afraid of losing you. Introduce them, talk to them and they will maintain trust. If it turns out you’re right, put a stop to that friend in love, and that’s it.

4. You’re great to dance.

We know that your only intention is to enjoy music and have a good time, but when dancing you also attract the eyes of other men who will see you with other intentions. Here the best thing is to try to make your boy dance with you, and if it is not your thing you will have to ignore the onlookers.

3. You do not realize when you flirt.

Since you are too cute and always help who asks you, you do not realize that some use this as a method to approach you, but your boyfriend knows what they are capable of. Do not ignore everything I say, with time you will learn to distinguish between good and bad intentions.

2. Your way of dressing shows your figure or a lot of skin.

You love to walk well groomed, with some makeup and impeccable hair. Speaking of clothes, a neckline from time to time does not bother you, a miniskirt or a tight dress that highlights your chest or your butt, you see it as something normal. Your lover tells you that you look beautiful, and when they go out there he gets angry because “some guys are watching you” . On the one hand it is nice to know that you are attractive to other eyes, but make sure your boy knows that he is the only one that interests you.

1. You give too much importance to the advice of your friends.

Remember that a relationship is two, so try not to put your friends in this. Stop wanting to apply other people’s advice in your relationship. Each couple is different, so the needs change. Solve things together and do not put third parties.

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