10 People With So Beautiful Eyes That We Could Get Lost


The eyes of human beings are the reflection of the soul, as beautiful and mysterious as they are. This is the first thing we notice when we meet someone. Basically, they reveal the world to us. The “magic” of the melanin they contain determines their color, and some even have up to two different tones. It is sometimes so fascinating that one has the impression to get lost in a look!

1. Prepare for green to become your favorite color


2. The eyes are really the reflection of the soul

AFG, Most beautiful child


3. A work of contrast …. a pale pink sweater facing the blue eyes of baby

4. Waardenburg’s syndrome can manifest itself in bright blue eyes

5. The eyes can even have the color of coffee

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Coffee Farmer. Amaro region, Ethiopia, 2014.

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6. The look is the accessory par excellence


7 Age does not change the power of a look

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BEAUTIFUL ART WORK OF J O M I of the @the_j3_sisters The elder sister of J A R E When I was a child I always wanted to wear my Mum’s shoes , cloths and do all she did as a woman . I wasn’t afraid of being that woman , though I wasn’t aware , nothing scared me of the cost it would take to be a woman . “I WAS FEARLESS AS A CHILD “ I’m sure every girl has gone through this stage and can totally relate . Meeting Jomi of the @the_j3_sisters Was more inspiring . Asides that she is bright and beautiful , she is very coordinated and every pose directed , she did better than I told her to do . She definitely has buttressed and given me more proof that every little girl dreams of being a woman . I guess was looking for a platform to showcase her inner woman !!! Photography is my little way of expressing my thoughts than in words and so I am not the best curator of my work . Be inspired #bmbstudio #artsy #artwork #photography #kidsphotography #childphotographer #love #girl #mofebamuyiwa

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8. Admit it, blue is the first color you’ve seen


9. There are eyes that will always remain young

10. The brilliance of some looks may well change your life

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🇸🇪 С Швецией у меня уютные отношения: дело в том, что в школе я учила именно шведский, да-да, даже не спрашивайте. Поэтому при любой возможности ищу и, что самое странное, нахожу паззлы этой страны в других местах, вот прямо везде и всюду. Так что мои сильные девушки пополняются ещё одной — мы с этой шведской супергёрл вместе вёслами боролись с гренландским морем. Так люблю эту серию, слов нет. А пока что остановка в Стокгольме на пути в другое совершенно невероятное место. Месяц приключений по России наконец-то начинается. #travelmore #onetwotrip #halfbrz

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