10 Secrets Hidden In The logos Of Hollywood Studios


10 Secrets Hidden In The logos Of Hollywood Studios, we know these logos since childhood, each of them is associated with a favorite movie. But we never ask ourselves what they mean. Dicasocial put together the most interesting stories about how the logos of famous Hollywood studios were created.

Check them out and discover a little more about their history.

#1.DreamWorks Pictures

It was assumed that in the DreamWorks logo there would be drawn a man fishing sitting on the moon. The work was entrusted to the artist Robert Hunt, but he decided to do something else: with a child instead of man. In the end, that was the approved sketch.

By the way, Hunt drew the child based on his son. William became a composer and works in the music industry.

#2.Columbia Pictures

The woman with the torch, the symbol of the United States and the Columbia Pictures studio, appeared on the logo in 1924. Interestingly, there never existed a concrete prototype for this figure, it consists of several details.

The modern version of the logo appeared in 1992 and is the work of artist Michael J. Deas. The model was a simple American housewife, Jenny Joseph, but her facial features were modified.


The idea of ​​the logo came to Howard Dietz in 1924. Everything is simple: in the university where I studied, Columbia University, there was a sports team “Lions”.

Since then in the MGM logo came several different lions: Slats, Jakie, Tanner, an unknown lion and Leo. The last one is the protagonist of the modern logo. And, of course, in the recording of the intro no lion was hurt.

#4.Paramount Pictures

For this logo, the artist William Hodkinson drew a mountain similar to Ben Lomond in the state of Utah where he spent his childhood.

In the original 1914 logo there were 24 stars: related to the number of actors and actresses who signed the contract with the studio. But in the modern logo there are only 22 stars, and the reason remains a mystery.

#5.Warner Bros.

It seems that everything is very simple, the logo shows a shield with the initials of the founders of the company: the Warner brothers. But it is not your true surname.

The parents of the future founders of the study emigrated to the United States from the Russian Empire (now the territory of Poland) and were called Vonskolaser. The names of Harry, Albert, Sam and Jack also sounded different: Hirsch, Aaron, Shmuel and Yitzhak.

#6.Walt Disney

The logo of the most famous animation studio in the world has always had a castle. Initially his prototype was Neuschwanstein in Germany. And in 2006 it was changed by the Cinderella Castle of Disneyland in Paris.


The logo of Pixar appeared thanks to a successful premiere of the production company. The public liked the small Luxo lamp so much of the short film of the same name from 1986 that it was decided to use it on the logo instead of the letter “l”.

#8.Castle Rock Entertainment

Today this producer is already owned by Warner Bros., but started as Castle Rock Entertainment in 1980 with the film adaptation of Stephen King.

The company was named in honor of the fictional town of Castle Rock, in which many times the plots of the films took place. In the photo is the lighthouse of the logo in the movie “The store”.


According to the name of the study, it would be logical to see a lion and a door in its logo. But interestingly, neither of these two things has anything to do with the company.

Actually, Lions Gate is a bridge in Vancouver, hometown of the producer’s founder, director Robert Altman.

#10.Scott Free

Director Ridley Scott has his own production company. His intro is an animation, in which a person becomes a bird as a sign of freedom. The technique of the intro is very interesting: the artist draws each movement separately and then takes pictures. The author of this work is the Italian illustrator Gianluigi Toccafondo.

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