10 Shocking Photos That Show That Kim Kardashian’s Butt Is Completely False


10 Shocking Photos That Show That Kim Kardashian’s Butt Is Completely False, Kim Kardashian has always been a hot topic of debate since 2007, when it started flooding all social media platforms with posts. They could not go unnoticed their physical attributes, especially the huge size of his butt that has captivated the masses and raised many unanswered questions in the minds of all – Is it real or is it just plastic surgery? How is it possible to have that big ass? What is the size exactly?

Let’s take a quick look at some of the stunning photos that show that Kim’s backside is completely false:

#1.Before and after

Before embarking on our journey to the butt of Kim Kardashian, let’s take a quick look at the before and after the image of this controversial celebrity. The photo on the left was taken in 2007, while the one on the right was taken in 2014. Did you notice the dramatic change in the shape and size of your butt? It is surprisingly huge !! She credits her Armenian background and hard work in the gym (squats). However, it does not seem to be true because its size is too disproportionate to that of its legs.

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#2.Proportional arcs

This picture was taken by the paparazzi in November 2006 – when it was not so well known among the general population. In this pair of jeans, your butt seems to be in normal shape and quite balanced in relation to your body figure in general.

#3.Bodycon curves

Kim Kardashian surprised the audience in this light blue fitted dress in June 2007. She has certainly chosen the right dress to show her growing curves. By this time, he gained a new level of popularity and became a celebrity. Once again, her butt looks quite proportional to her body, but she still could not beat Jennifer Lopez, the queen of big butts.

#4.Tight white dress

In February 2008, Kim showed her ass again in this white dress.

#5.You can barely see

In June 2009, in the debut of the movie Transformers, his butt was barely visible. Oh my God! Without the super tight bodycon dress, your butt is much less accentuated. At this point, it still looks very natural and has not gone through plastic surgery.

#6.A little bigger

Photographed in February 2010, Kim Kardashian’s return appeared a bit larger. Given the size of her legs and lower back, this increase in size could be the result of hard work done by her in the gym.

#7.Even bigger

This image has been made in April 2011; Kim seems to have almost doubled her size in contrast to 2010. Is not it strange that her thighs are much smaller than her butt? This can not be achieved through the squat exercise. Amazing! After this episode, critics of the industry really talked about their growing assets.

#8.OMG! Where did that come from?

In May of 2012, Kim’s butt continued to be the topic of discussion for many, as it managed to grow even more in size. This side view equated with your photos from 2007-2009, shows that it has swollen considerably.

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#9.More huge than ever

This painting got a lot of consideration for Kim’s Instagram audience in 2014. The butt is accentuated in a way that leaves very little for men to imagine everything.

#10.New size!

We are going to jump to 2015, when this photograph was taken. OMG! Look at that huge ass! It is immensely big. How can it be possible, with very thin and toned legs?