10 Strong And Determined Women Who Know How To Live Life To The Fullest


10 Strong And Determined Women Who Know How To Live Life To The Fullest, Strong and determined – normally, this is how men are qualified. However, women also face obstacles in life that a man would not dream of. Breaking with all the stereotypes, we will tell you about the incredible women to whom it would be a crime to call “weak $ex”.

“On the cruise I saw two groups of women. Some had t-shirts saying ‘I just got divorced’ and others had the message ‘Support group for the divorced’. They were all drunk. Who does not need friends like that? “

“My mom posing in front of her graduation photo. She finished her nurse course at age 44 and loves to repeat that it’s never too late to improve things “

“After several years and several failed attempts to get pregnant, my wife finally gave birth. He made me the happiest man in the world! “

“I finally feel safe enough to wear a bikini and not be ashamed of my wound”

“I have multiple sclerosis and, after 2 years fighting against the trembling of my hands, I was finally able to delineate my eyes as God intended. A victory for me “

“My grandmother did not walk, but she ran the 5-kilometer marathon”

“My wife laughing after the first chemotherapy”

“One of my best friends caught the biggest fish and won an international contest”

Here is the lovely Tilly. As a baby, he lost both arms and now has bionic prostheses

“Today, my wife finished the triathlon competition. In the last year, not only did he improve his results, but he also lost 50 kilos “