11 Female Things That Men Love In Secret


11 Female Things That Men Love In Secret, We mistakenly believe that some things are unique to women: the love we have for little cats, romantic comedies and cosmetics, for example. It’s a myth. We have a scoop: men too have small sensitive hearts, and souls capable of being moved, even if they are sometimes ashamed to admit it 🙂

What are the things considered “feminine” that men do “in secret”? Sympa-sympa.com has gathered for you the most interesting statements that have been published on the portal Reddit.com .

Men can also tell gossip. They need to complain about their wives from time to time!

Many men love to shop, but they do not tell anyone!


They are especially good at sexy dances. Especially after taking a drink to give himself courage.

Nothing like a good bubble bath with a glass of wine after a hard day!

Men also wash their faces, not just with water!


Did you notice that they love to hold their hands on their belts?

Men love cocktails “for women”, those that contain pieces of fruit!


They secretly use all the cosmetics they find. Ah those gels, shampoos and lotions that smell too good!

Men also like to see romantic comedies. And from time to time, they shed a tear …

Men also like to pose!


You thought raising your eyes to the sky was only a women’s thing? Well no !

Men love cuddling and physical contact at bedtime, even though they may not tell you that.