11 LOCAST Ideas That Nobody Believed And Ended Up Being A Worldwide Success


11 LOCAST Ideas That Nobody Believed And Ended Up Being A Worldwide Success, “They are crazy” … they said. If we mentally took a look at the history of the most popular ideas and inventions, we would verify that those that worked were precisely those that seemed too strange.

We bring you 11 examples of how an idea ends up impregnated with success, despite the doubts and skepticism of everything that surrounds it.

1. Television

The method that allowed the transmission of a moving image from a distance was invented at the beginning of the 20th century, but television appeared a few decades later. Why? Nobody believed that these “boxes with live images” were commercially successful. Nobody wanted to invest in this project. In 1926, the inventor Louis-René des Forêts said: “Although television is technically possible, it does not make any commercial sense”.

2. Cell phone

In 1947, the employees of the scientific laboratory Bell Laboratories proposed to use the principle of eldillas of the bees (or hexagons) to create a mobile network. They spent almost 40 years until the cell phones went on sale. The inventor of the first cell phone was Martin Cooper. Many insisted to Martin that his idea was not worth it , but the first day of its sale in stores formed long lines. This device had a memory of 30 numbers, was capable of running for an hour and required 10 hours of charging.

3. Emoticons

This story tells that it is important, not only the creation of ideas, but to believe in them until the end. The most famous smiley emoticon, which does not spend a day without being used by any man of modern life, was invented in 1963, the work of the American artist Harvey Ball. However, for his invention Ball only received 45 USD. A few years later, businessmen brothers Murray and Bernard Spain predicted their great potential and began to market these “yellow smiles” with licenses. Thus they gained more than 50 million USD.

4. Supercomputer

When Gaurav Khanna was studying black holes, his laboratory needed a supercomputer. However, for his creation he needed an incalculable world of very expensive details. So Gaurav invented a strange, at first glance, solution: he bought 412 very economical Playstation 3 consoles and installed a different operating system on them . In the end it turned out that a computer made of these consoles was much more powerful and efficient than its expensive brothers.

5. The million dollar home page

In 2005, British student Alex Tew decided to earn money on his own to pay for his higher education. He launched a website where each pixel cost 1 USD. The client could have a small part of this site and place a link to their website. It’s surprising but, in less than six months, Alex earned more than one million USD.

6. The bar of broken hearts

The businessmen of the Chinese city Nanjiang County decided to create a bar in which the victims of a separation were allowed to mourn with bitterness, without being ashamed before the eyes of others. When this concept was talked about, everyone said that this bar would be a total failure. However, in the establishment they placed special mannequins in the form of men and women, to which each visitor could hit to unload their sadness. In a short time, the “Bar of Broken Hearts” became one of the most popular places in the city and today there are many businesses of this type in different countries.

7. Crazy straws

The crazy straws are plastic tubes to drink in a very unusual way. This object has existed for many centuries. Legend has it that its creators simply thought about how to get between the soda and milk, the child chose the second option. This is how the straws appeared with the most unusual shapes and sizes that to date have a great success and not only among the smallest, also among the adults in the wild parties.

8. The ula ula

Reinventing the wheel can make good money. This was what Richard Knerr showed, that in the 50s of the last century, he invented this object so simple and known all over the world, used to do rhythmic gymnastics and that ended up being used as a hoop. And although no one believed in the commercial success of this product, just a month after the experiments, the Americans (and then people from other countries in the world) began to make long queues dazzled by this circular piece of plastic.

9. Ants surgeons

This really crazy idea occurred to our ancestors a thousand years before Christ. At that time there were no tools to suture wounds. Therefore, people used ants, which with the help of their powerful jaws, were able to seal the edges of human wounds. Surprisingly, this strange technique was popular until the seventh century.

10. Plastic balls against dirt

The water tank in Los Angeles for several years was in danger of becoming an enclave riddled with dirt. Sunlight combined with chlorine and bromine could give the water a high carcinogenic power. To stop this, he advocated taking an unusual solution: fill almost completely the place with floating plastic balls . These objects prevented the growth of algae and the heating of the water, making it clean in a short time.

11. Fidget spinner

The toy that has been fashionable in this 2017 does not stop surprising. Actually, Fidget spinner is just an improved version of a paper mill. You need a bearing, several blades and the thing that has driven half the world crazy is already made. Only in a week, the video application dedicated to these spinners reached 7 million subscribers . The business of selling this product reaches billions of dollars.

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