12 People, The Happiest Day Of Their Lives


12 People, The Happiest Day Of Their Lives, We can all probably remember a special day in which we felt a great happiness. Generally, these days are related to events like a wedding or childbirth. But sometimes, a simple little detail can be enough for someone to have a huge smile to their ears.

This man and his girlfriend did not expect to travel in business class

According to the lucky one, “she smiled like a little girl”. And there’s something here: a comfortable chair with massages, a five-star service, an excellent menu, champagne and other unlimited drinks.

This 99 year old grandmother was arrested, but that’s exactly what she wanted

The police in the Netherlands arrested this woman for two minutes to joke. Only because it was part of his wish list. Well, everyone dreams …

This woman found a job after two years of research

Her first day went very well and she loves her new job.

This child received as a present comics from his favorite author

This kid is a fan of Spider-Man’s comics, and received this gift from one of his creators, Brian Michael Bendis. This is how the author decided to cheer up the boy who had an accident.

A complete makeover was offered to this homeless

José Antonio lived 25 years in the street until the owner of a beauty salon sees it. The former homeless has turned into a fashionable hipster and now has a job.

This boy is blind and this is the first time he has a cat in his arms

The boy is happy, and the cat, not really. But hey, all cats are like that …

This baby is happy to see his mom

Her mom Michelle is also very happy.

This boy traveled for free in Spain instead of his namesake

Joe Mcgrath was very lucky: totally unknown people offered him to leave for free on holiday in Spain instead of their friend (also known as Joe Mcgrath). Indeed, the latter decided not to leave at the last moment. In the beginning, Joe was suspicious of the strange proposal of the foreigners, but he finally accepted and he did not regret it.

Just married, they met Tom Hanks by chance

The newlyweds Elizabeth and Ryan were taking pictures in Central Park in New York when they suddenly met the actor who was jogging. They were so happy that Tom Hanks “ruins” their photo shoot!

Evelyn, 93, plays with virtual reality glasses

Once upon a time there was a woman who saw a huge dragon on the ceiling …

This boy is delighted with his concert

This little is a fan of barcode: today he hit the jackpot