15 Incredible Images, Capable Of Surprising Anyone


15 Incredible Images, Capable Of Surprising Anyone, A touch of luck was absolutely essential! Yes, that is what it is about – the wonderful gift of knowing «capture the moment». But probably, those who made these images did not even realize how lucky they really were: now their photographs are flying over the Network of networks, and thousands of people have the opportunity to experience the same emotions as their authors!

Of course, a few simple shots cannot convey the whole atmosphere of the moment. And it is right here, where the imagination comes into action, capable of giving “a final touch” to the plot. However, that does not matter either. The most surprising thing about the case is the coincidence, His Majesty the Chance, the fascinating and capricious …

Sincerely, I would like to believe that nobody was hurt ..

Storm cloud. The shutter has been more than timely.

Smiling fisherman!

Baby sea lion, posing in the photo.

Back to terror

An airplane, spreading a fire-fighting foam mixture …

These fishermen have been very lucky, keeping a distance from the whales.

Ok, it’s really a good view!

A dog with wings? Well, in Greece, everything is possible.

Say cheeese!

Hello! Are there crumbs?

Extreme landing.

Dogs can also be sentimental.

Reaching the moon with your hand …

Does the only one look like this girl levitates?

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