15 Reasons To Never, Never, Never Go To Iceland


15 Reasons To Never, Never, Never Go To Iceland, island is far away. This island country basically “floats” between the Atlantic Ocean, and its name causes associations with the cold. Icelandic landscapes are so colorful that they dazzle you.

zeephy.com wants to try to convince you that you should never think about going to Iceland. So that it does not occur to you.

Iceland is a hard country and full of dangers

Below the earth unexpectedly bubbles of water

In Reykjavik there is no decent skyscraper!

Local place names are impossible to pronounce. Eja … Eyjafjal … Volcano, I say.

To get to this lighthouse, first you would have to swim and then climb some rocks

The local birds look strange

And the ice for some reason is blue

In addition, the landscapes of Iceland seem out of this world …

And who happened to grow grass just above the roof?

Seriously, why so much love to the blue color?

And the sky is green, everything upside down!

To the local caves you would not enter without a boat

Truthfully, the boats and boats here are very

The Icelandic cliffs look like trees. Or vice versa? We are already confused

Even the local buildings look like they’re made of ice

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