19 Photos That Show What The World Has Gone Through In History


19 Photos That Show What The World Has Gone Through In History, Sometimes it seems that the world is going crazy. But has not it always been a strange place with fun things and eccentric people? In fact, just these things charge you with energy and make your life a little more interesting.

At Zeephy.com we put together the 20 most fascinating photos that clearly show that our world has gone through many strange things.

Alfred Hitchcock drinking tea with the Leo lion in the Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer studio.

Women painting their legs to look like they have stockings on, 1942.

The border patrol pulls an American fugitive on the border with Mexico

The pilot George Aird is catapulted from his plane after losing control.

Pause to eat on the set of Star Wars .

A portable TV prototype created in 1967.

Women participating in a spaghetti eating contest called “Macarroni”.

A police car with a shovel to prevent victims or injuries among pedestrians, 1920.

An English brewery carries drink barrels to the troops fighting in Normandy, June 1944.

Women wearing wool swimsuits, 1920.

Two army officers carrying “sound detectors” designed to capture where enemy aircraft are approaching.

Your own portable sauna.

Exercise machine used to “remove fat” from the legs, 1936.

Testing football helmets, 1912.,

“Dynasphere”, electric vehicle of a wheel that could go at a speed of 40 km / h, 1932.

Parisians found a way to keep their feet dry by walking chairs, 1924.

Willard Scott, the first Ronald McDonald.

The 5 MB hard drive of a PC being loaded onto an airplane, 1956.

The original Michelin man.

When Sweden changed the direction of movement from left to right, 1967.

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