4 Simple Exercises To Spend A Perfect Night!


4 Simple Exercises To Spend A Perfect Night!, Sitting behind a computer all day or playing sports can damage your back. And when you have back pain, it can affect your sleep …Here are four simple exercises to do at home to relax your back and have the best nights.

Do you suffer from insomnia? This article is for you

1. The first is called “Pawanmuktasana” and relaxes your spine and lower back.

Lie on your back and bend your knees. By inhaling, move your hands forward and let your legs go away and exhale pressing your knees hard against you.

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The exercise should last one minute.

2. This position of the feet against the wall can relieve the legs and back. It also allows your lungs to be filled with oxygen.

Put a cushion against the wall for your buttocks. Lie down and put your legs against the wall. Place your hands on the sides and breathe calmly.

The exercise should last one to two minutes.

3. This two-part exercise helps relieve the back even more. They more effectively reach the muscles of the spine.

For the first part, put rolled towels under your back. Spread and tighten your legs, swing your head from left to right.

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Relax and do this for a minute.

For the second part, lie on your stomach with your arms along your body. Put a cushion under your head. Stir your feet from left to right.

Do these movements for a minute.

4. The exercise “Shavasana” simply allows you to sleep better.

Lie on your back, palms up and slightly spreading your legs.

Then relax your body up and down with 20 breaths. After that, you’ll want to sleep!