7 Things you should know about the Spider-Man trailer: Far From Home


7 Things you should know about the Spider-Man trailer: Far From Home , Today was released the first official preview of the new film of our friendly neighbor, the spiderman. Here we show you curious facts about some details that appear in the Spider-Man trailer: far from home.

#1 International Adventure

What we know so far the story will be as it is the title of the tape. In addition to New York, the story will apparently take place in Venice, Prague, Berlin, London and the Swiss Alps . According to what revealed a new poster. On his trip with his teammates, Peter Parker will encounter problems that will force him to put on his suit again.

#2 Endgame sequel

Spider-Man: Away from home will take place after the events of Avengers: Endgame . It is true that the trailer does not see chaos or any consequences for what happened in Infinity War, but the truth is that we must first see Endgame to know why things are like this , or if there really is a problem caused by the war of the Avengers against Thanos.

#3 Elementary

In the preview you can see creatures that at first glance could look like Hydro-Man and Sandman. However, it is about the villains known as the Elementals . In comics it is a group of interdimensional beings known as Hydron, Magnum, Hellfire and Zephyr . Each one controls one of the four elements, water, earth, fire and air. Spider-Man will face these creatures with a new ally .

#4 Mysterio

This character will be an ally of Nick Fury and Peter Parker.¬†Although Mysterio looks like a hero, in reality at some point he will become the main villain¬†.¬†Mysterio has always been a villain, originally in comics¬†Quentin Beck is a special effects expert who wants to be famous by becoming a Supervillain¬†to defeat Spider-Man.¬†Mysterio’s specific motivations are unknown in this film and how his story will be, since in the case of an adaptation, we can expect changes.¬†We just hope they do not change the essence of the character.

#5 Costumes

Spider-Man will wear more than one suit in his new adventure . So far we have only seen three, we do not know if there will be more. First we see the Homecoming costume that Tony Stark gave him , then we see another suit similar to the first but with black instead of blue, and finally the stealth suit appears . Surely each costume will have its purpose for every situation in the movie.


We will probably see the resurgence of SHIELD (or at least a part). After the fall of SHIELD in Captain America and the Winter Soldier, the agency disappeared , since then we have only seen a few agents including Nick Fury and Maria Hill. Several years have already passed and maybe in this film we could see SHIELD resurface or see the beginning of his return .

# 7 The New Tower

For a brief moment you can see that the previous “Tower of the Avengers” is under construction¬†,¬†remember that Tony Stark sold it¬†in Homecoming.¬†There are many theories about who bought it¬†.¬†However,¬†the one that is most likely to be real is that the buyer is Norman Osborn¬†, and would turn the building into the Oscorp tower.¬†We hope that¬†the film will address the issue¬†to know if this will be important in the future.

Spider-Man: away from home opens on July 5, 2019 .