According To A Study, Women Sleep Better With A Dog Than With A Man


According To A Study, Women Sleep Better With A Dog Than With A Man, Christy Hoffman , an American doctor specializing in animal behavior and a teacher at Canisius University in the United States, has been interested in the issue of women sleeping with pets.

After interviewing 962 women, she came to some interesting conclusions! Her survey found that 55% of women share their bed with at least one dog and 31% with at least one cat. She then became interested in the quality of sleep according to the occupants of the bed. 

And the results are … confusing! Women sleeping with a dog indicated that they had better sleep than without a dog or with a person. Indeed, they explained feeling safer and sleeping more serenely. This result is not true for cats, however, and women sleeping with a cat indicated that their presence was as disturbing as that of a person. 

The scientist now hopes to extend her survey to men to see if the results are the same by sex. But we will remember that sleeping with his dog is good and in addition it tightens the links! ♥

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