How To (BETTER) Recover From a Breakup?


How To (BETTER) Recover From a Breakup?, by There are as many types of breaks as there are different pairs, that is, many. And despite this diversity, a breakup hurts almost every time. Very bad, even. And no, the trouble does not always pass after a few nights spent crying in front of a romantic film, stuffing himself with ice cream. So when we want to get better, for real, what do we do? Caroline Cohen, psychologist (, shares her tips to help us pass through this event as a champion.

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“A breakup is like mourning: we lose someone dear to us,” says Caroline Cohen. Oftentimes, we go through the same classic stages: shock, denial, anger, resignation, acceptance, and rebuilding. We can skip one or two stages (or sometimes not at all), but what is important is to give ourselves time to get through these different emotions. ”

Good (to) understand

“Ideally, we have to look back at what happened to better understand the decision of the other, if we were let, or better understand our decision if we left our partner, says the psychologist. You have to know how to question yourself. Obviously, something in the relationship is wrong and putting your finger on it can help us better accept the situation. ”

Move on

“We need to get out of the emotional dependence we have developed for our ex-partner,” says Caroline Cohen. There are plenty of ways for that! Surround yourself with friends and try to get out of your usual social circle to meet new people, open up to other activities, play sports, talk about your emotions with people close to you, take time for oneself, etc. It is important to find activities that are good for us and that allow us to turn the page and open a new chapter in our lives. “

A clean break

“It is important to move the person away from our life, at least until our pain has lessened. And it also means cutting off the person from our virtual life! Seeing photos and being aware of all the facts and actions of our ex-partner does not really help to get away and heal. We really have to give ourselves the chance to break the link that unites us to this person, and then better rebuild, “says the specialist.

Consult a psychologist

If, after a while, you feel that you have difficulty passing through this ordeal, you consult a psychologist without hesitation. Having a neutral party to guide our thinking makes it possible to get out of it more quickly and in a more structured way. We jump the step!

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