Is It Better To Shower In The Morning Or At Night?


Is It Better To Shower In The Morning Or At Night?, The shower is one of the most common practices that people do, act thanks to which we can clean up.While some prefer to do it in the mornings, others choose to shower at night, before sleeping. This is where the interesting debate about what is the best time of the day to do this is born.

However, science has shown that there is no single answer. The reason for this is that the effects that a shower will have in the morning in a certain person will not be the same as a shower during the night. Next we explain why.

Shower in the morning

If you have a hard week at work, and you really want to maximize your creativity, the best thing you can do is shower during the mornings . So says Shelley Carson, Ph.D. and psychologist at Harvard University.

“If a problem arises that you want to solve using your creativity, and you have worked and worked without being able to find a solution, you can leave this dilemma in the background of your mind while the unconscious processes reflect on that,” says the specialist.

This process works best in the shower, because although in this place you enter a relax, the alpha brain waves are still alert . Carson adds that it is a state similar to that achieved through meditation or after performing aerobic activity.

Shower at night

On the other hand, if you are one of those who find it hard to fall asleep due to the accumulation of energy that you still have at night, a shower at this time will help you achieve sleep .

This is stated by Christopher Winter, member of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine and director of the Sleep Center at Martha Jefferson Hospital.

It all has to do with the temperature the expert assures, which increases with the hot water and then decreases once you are dry.

“That rapid cooling you get after leaving the shower, tends to be a natural way to induce sleep,” says Winter. “It’s a good way to cheat your body, making you think it’s time to go to bed,” the expert added.

Things you probably do wrong when you shower

Although taking a shower may seem like something very simple, the truth is that there are certain gestures that can be done incorrectly.

The above can cause endless consequences, especially problems linked to the skin. This is why we present below 5 things that people probably do wrong when they shower.

1. Showering too much : Our skin is the first mechanism to defend against external agents, so if you are continuously shaving, washing or running water through it, you can remove those defenses.

2. Use a lot of soap : The use of this gel varies according to the person. For example, if you are someone who has a more active life and sports, you will require that you use more soap because your sweating will be greater compared to someone who has a not so busy life.

In addition, abuse of its use could attack the lipid mantle that covers the body, thus destroying its pH, responsible for defending ourselves from external agents such as bacteria, viruses, mites and other microorganisms.

3. Showering with too hot water : The excess of hot water destroys the natural oils of the skin , making it more vulnerable. The most recommended, according to the Spanish Academy of Dermatology and Venereology (AEDV), is to take a short shower with warm water.

4. Too much use of the sponge : Experts recommend using sponges only “once or twice a week” and drying them with sunlight after using them “to avoid colonization with molds” that can cause folliculitis, fungi or other worse infections.

5. Do not choose the indicated towel to dry : To prevent dry skin it is best to use a soft towel, giving slight touches that remove excess moisture and not rubbing.

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