Crazy Eyebrow Trend In 2017 Has All The Style Of A ‘Drama Queen’


Crazy Eyebrow Trend In 2017 Has All The Style Of A ‘Drama Queen’, If you are one of the girls who have the soul of the drama queen then you will be delighted with the new eyebrow trend that has come to Instagram. After the eyebrows in the shape of Mcdonald’s, pen and a host of other designs, makeup artist Sofie Petersen is experimenting with brown eyebrows. Yes, she combed them with several picks and added a few bright ones to resemble a crown. It is definitely a trend for a queen.

Makeup can transform your face and this new trend is ideal if you want to draw attention in an effective way. In an interview for the Allure site, Peterson said it occurred to him when he started combing his eyebrows in different directions to see what he could get out of that. Then he added some Vaseline to define them better and an imitation diamond on each end. As a result, crown eyebrows were born, are you ready to see them?

When it comes to the eyebrows there are no limits

The blogger’s beauty always try to highlight them

Although that means combing them in the form of McDonald’s M

Or ruffle them so they look like feathers

They even make them be cool

But the latest trend of the year is inspired by the queens

Crown eyebrows were born

We continue to ask ourselves: why can not they leave their brows calm?

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