DOING SPORTS WITHOUT PANTIES: THE WTF COUNCIL OF FITNESS BLOGGERS, When we talk about sportswear, we exchanged tips on the best leggings, the strongest bra or the lightest sneakers. But have you ever discussed wearing (or not wearing) panties at the gym? And yet, playing sports without underwear is not dirty at all!

Among sports girlfriends, you talk about everything and nothing, but have you already launched the debate from the pants to the sport? We are sure not.

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And for good reason: if you do not wear panties, you think that others do the same, and if you wear panties, you do not imagine that others can do without.

And yet, go for sports without underwear under your leggings, it can be beneficial!

Doing sports without panties, a choice not only aesthetic

Of course, do not wear pants under leggings or yoga pants, it has an aesthetic advantage first: it makes it possible not to have to worry about a possible demarcation.

But it could also allow you to better appreciate your workout, especially in summer.

Asked by website, Evann Clingan, a fitness blogger living in New York, explains: “(I do) especially in the summer, when it’s very hot and the shorts I wear has an integrated underwear. It’s more comfortable without the double layer of clothing. “

Another advantage of staying naked under his legging: you will not have any problem of irritation or friction.

Sport without panties: instructions for use

And most importantly, do not panic: do not wear panties at the gym, it’s not dirty!

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Just follow some basic hygiene rules …

– Choose leggings thick enough to make a barrier against bacteria, while avoiding you to show your buttocks in transparency.

– Do not forget to put a disinfectant wipe on the machine seats of your gym, and put a towel on the yoga mat .

– Wash your leggings, shorts and sportswear after each workout.