Fearless Awards: 20+ Most Beautiful Wedding Photos of 2017


Fearless Awards: The Most Beautiful Wedding Photos of 2017, 20+ Most Beautiful Wedding Photos of 2017, The Fearless Awards select the most beautiful wedding photos among all those sent to them from all over the world. Find today our selection.

Capturing emotions in a photo is always a very delicate art. Even more when it comes to a wedding, which is one of the most beautiful days of their life for the newlyweds, and you have to succeed in showing in a few pictures all the love they have for themselves. Whether spontaneous photos or those where the bride and groom are asked to jump in the air, the wedding photos allow to keep unforgettable memories of this special day.

The site Fearless Photography offers to find a photographer for his wedding, and also lists many wedding photos to help make his choice for the big day. “We want you to find your wedding photographer as fun and exciting as when you’re looking for your wedding venue, shoes, wedding dress, cake and all those good things. (…) If you have planned to get married and for you, photography matters a lot, you are in the right place. We want to help you find the photographer who will tell the story of your wedding with distinctive images. We share your passion, your enthusiasm and your obsession for photography. (…) Our photographers are creative, talented and among the best in the world ».

Every two months, in its “Fearless Awards” section , the site publishes the most beautiful photos it has received. M anoint 3% of photos are selected by an experienced jury seeking works that push the boundaries of professional wedding photography. Our selection :

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